We're ToPS, Resellers of Everything. Fun.

What We Do

If Touch of Pride agrees to do your sale, we will display and price the items you wish to sell. Our prices reflect the "going rate" in the Madison community for antiques, automobiles, used furniture, household goods, vintage items, books, collections, hardware, china, recreational equipment, silver, appliances, jewelry, electronics, good clothing and any other salable merchandise. ToPS' commission is one-third. 
Touch of Pride Sales will pay costs to advertise your sale and also update this website. This attracts antique dealers, collectors and the general public to our sales. ToPS will further put up large signs at nearby intersections to urge neighbors, passersby and the curious to attend your sale.
If a sale cannot be held in the home, Touch of Pride Sales can hire professionals to tag, pack and move merchandise to our storefront. Client pays these fees. 
Best of all, we're flexible. After all our years in business, we know every situation is unique. Whether you are settling an estate, meeting a real estate closing date or involved in other circumstances, we will address your individual needs. Let us ease your stress.

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